About Me

About Me
Hello, and welcome to the the Nursing Student Prayer Room!  You are most likely here, either because you are just simply a person of faith, pursuing a career in Nursing, OR you are currently a Nursing Student!  Nursing is a very rewarding field, but it takes dedication, focus, persistance, and prayer to be a successful Nursing Student!  Any goal that you desire to achieve is worth fighting for!
My name is Shawanna Stokes, and I am indeed no stranger to Nursing School.  I have overcome many obstacles throughout my Nursing journey that I truly believe would have caused the average person to second guess their decision, or just throw in the towel by now.  However, I hold the belief that Nursing is my calling, my duty, as well as my ministry which involves helping others to heal physically and emotionally. ❤
I received CNA licensure in 2009, and later obtained my LPN license in 2010. I am currently attending RN school, and I am forever grateful for the opportunity.  I created this prayer room to inspire other Nursing Students to NEVER  give up on their nursing goals, no matter how difficult it may appear.  I am a strong believer in prayer, and my faith has indeed allowed me to be where I am today. Keep a positive mindset, and let's flex our faith muscles together!
Shawanna Stokes, a Registered Nurse in the making! 


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