Nursing Student Success Wall

Kudos to these Nursing Students for never giving up on their nursing school journey!


Testimonial 1:  "Never Give Up!"

"I started my nursing journey with high hopes that soon fell by the way side. I failed the entrance exam (TEAS) not once, but twice by less than 2 points both times.  I began to question everything.  I prayed and waited a year and retook it.  I PASSED!!!  Now, I'm a B+ Student Nurse at Rasmussen.  I almost gave up on my dreams.  Never lose hope and never give up. Our goals don't have expiration dates.  Get up, start over, and go harder.  12/16/17- Graduation"

~Shaquilla G.


Testimonial 2:  Delayed, but not Denied!

"I have been a LPN for 22 years.  I only expected to be a LPN for a year.  Over these 22 years, I have applied to different schools, but wasn't accepted.  After so many failed attempts, I gave up.  In 2008, I took Health Assessment, became frustrated, and dropped the class.  Fast forward to 2014, a good friend convinced me to return to school.  By this time. I had lost confidence.  I signed up for Health Assessment again.  It was 3 weeks before the end of the semester, and I had to have emergency surgery.  I cried like a baby because I had to take this class all over again.   However, I made an A.  This built my confidence up, and I applied for nursing school.  I wasn't accepted, and I was placed on the waiting list.  To say that I was heart broken, would be an understatement.  I was hurt, but I refused to give up.  Later, I received an acceptance letter from ASU in Jonesboro.  I was excited!  Then, my car needed repairs, but God!  At one point in my life, I thought that I was the definition of failure, but here I am at 46 years old, coming through my first semester.  I give God all glory and honor for this accomplishment.  A delay is not necessarily a denial.  He can turn your failure into a blessing!"

~Rose T.


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